Josh Anderson made a big statement about Marc Bergevin's ambiguous situation

Published November 19, 2021 at 3:49 PM

Marc Bergevin's contract situation is the talk of Montreal. Like it or not, it's a hot topic and everyone is eager to know the outcome.

It is with a rather desperate and rosy look that Josh Anderson confirmed what many people suspected, the ambiguous situation of Marc Bergevin affects the players personally.

They really feel guilty about what's going on with the team.

Anderson also targeted the many things the team needs to work on. The first and foremost being to not act like a victim.

Some have pointed the finger at Dominique Ducharme for the organization's failures. However, Anderson was keen to set the record straight on this issue.

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Elliotte Friedman, for his part, was not positive about a possible return with the CH for Marc Bergevin. Remember that he is one of the most credible informants in the hockey world.

"I've heard the same rumors as everyone else, that the chances of him coming back to Montreal are slim. If you've already decided he's not coming back next season maybe it's time to have that conversation."

Regarding the many rumors about whether Marc Bergevin will be a seller at the trade deadline, Friedman spoke his mind.

"I have no doubt that he will put players on the market to see what teams might be interested and what their value will be. I think the CH leadership definitely needs to have that conversation. We need to make changes to this team, so will you be the person to make them?"

So many questions, so few answers for the Montreal Canadiens...
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