An old photo of Lemieux, McDavid and Crosby has resurfaced

Published November 19, 2021 at 2:38 PM

Connor McDavid is simply on another planet because he is so explosive, sensational and amazing. Honestly, I've never seen a player "roll" so fast in possession of the disc. He is imaginative and has no problem getting through four players without being stopped.

Since the start of his career, number 97 has scored a total of 604 points, including 206 goals, in 423 games. Masterful. This year, he is averaging close to two points per game (1.88) with 30 points in 16 games.

His career points per game average is 1.43, the highest since January 1, 2000 among those who have played at least 170 games. McDavid is ahead of Mario Lemieux (1.35) and Sidney Crosby (1.27). It's amazing what he's accomplishing in today's hockey.

A war machine! However, he will have to take his club further in the playoffs soon. If the Oilers add a defenseman of Ben Chiarot's caliber and a goalie with some sense, this could be the Oilers' year.
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