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Jordan Harris unveiled his real plan for the Montreal Canadiens

Published August 10, 2021 at 10:18

Jordan Harris is certainly the defenseman with the highest potential with the Montreal Canadiens, but he opted to wrap up his four years in the NCAA last season. He did not sign a contract with the Montreal Canadiens, which makes many fans nervous as he could choose to leave the Habs and go to another organization (if the two sides do not agree on the terms of a contract by August 15, 2022).

As Anthony Martineau pointed out in his interview with Harris, people have been speculating about the young brigadier: "He doesn't like the Canadiens. He wants to fail the team! It's just a tactic to sneak out!"

Obviously, this question was cleared up at the beginning of the interview between Martineau and Harris, in order to reassure the fans and the blue-white-red organization:

"I have absolutely nothing against playing in Montreal. On the contrary! It's the best hockey market in the world with the best fans. Everyone has been enamored with the club's playoff run. Honestly, playing for the Canadiens would be a huge honor. My rights still belong to the Tricolore and the plan is to get along with the team."

Harris also explained in detail the decision he made to pursue his university career instead of joining the Canadiens, as Cole Caufield did, for example.

"Graduating from Northeastern University means a lot to me and I wanted to finish what I started. I was also named captain of this team and have the utmost respect for all my teammates and coaches. I see my association with the Huskies as a commitment. There is also the hockey aspect. From my point of view, this fourth season in the NCAA will serve to improve the little things in my game that are nagging me. I know in my heart that I will be a better player when the NHL moment eventually comes."

What a mature young man! It doesn't make sense to put down that kind of talk at such a young age. It just goes to show why he is recognized as a GREAT leader... and that he could one day become captain of the Montreal Canadiens.

In short, it really wasn't easy for the young man following the dialogues with Marc Bergevin and Claude Julien (before his layoff). Me, reading the comments of the young man, I admit that I love him even more than before. What a man!

"I want you to know that it was extremely difficult for me. It has been a very difficult time of reflection. Imagine you have the opportunity to talk to Marc Bergevin and Claude Julien in the same day. You hang up and you know that your dream is more and more concrete. But I also thought that university was important to me. I was so mixed up! I had many discussions with my parents. For three weeks, I would wake up in the morning having no idea what the right decision was. I finally chose the NCAA and I believe, as I said before, I have good reasons for that decision."

Let's stress, however, that the young Harris has not heard from the Canadian in the last five months...
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