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Steve Bégin made a statement about Cédric Paquette

Published August 10, 2021 at 9:20

On August 7th, the 6th edition of the Kevin Raphael Classic was held, where NHL players, famous players and comedians get together to raise money for Leucan. This year, Cédric Paquette participated in the event, wearing the colors of his new team, the Montreal Canadiens.

Obviously, when a Habs player participates in an event, he is one of the most popular, even if he was recently acquired by the Montreal organization. Paquette showed his generosity by giving a signed stick to a young boy who seemed VERY happy with the gift.

"Mom, I got his stick! He signed it, he gave it to me!"

That being said, in an excellent post by Katherine Harvey-Pinard, Rafaël's sister, I remembered a very specific passage, where Steve Bégin praised the Montreal Canadiens' new acquisition:

"I don't think there are enough players like him. That he is coming to Montreal is a good thing. I'm really happy with his signing. Even if he's not feeling well one day, if he's feeling 60%, he's going to give his 150%. And his 60% is often equal to someone else's 100%," said Steve Bégin.

It's understandable that Paquette was conceived in the same mold as Steve Bégin. Obviously, this makes him in love with Paquette, who should quickly become a crowd' favorite at the Bell Centre. People in Quebec loved Steve Bégin who worked tirelessly and gave away checkers to no end. They will certainly fall in love with Cédric Paquette, who plays a very similar style.
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