Jonathan Toews changed his tune about Kyle Beach

Published November 3, 2021 at 3:25 PM

Last week, Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews delivered his first comments about the Kyle Beach issue. The words he used to describe the situation at the time left many very irritated.

According to him, the Blackhawks players were only thinking about hockey at the time. These comments created a wave of hatred towards number 19, even questioning his credibility as a leader. He clearly showed a lack of empathy.

However, Toews was keen to rectify the situation today, as he was much more emphatic about his former teammate Kyle Beach. He said he plans to check in with Beach and find out more about how he feels. He even believes he could make a difference in Kyle Beach's life.

"I can't change what happened, I'd just like to know more and more about how Kyle feels, what he wants and what he envisions for the future," Toews said, according to Mark Lazerus of The Athletic. "Maybe someone like me, in my position, can make a difference."

Toews is probably hoping to get his act together, as he wasn't there for Kyle Beach at the time. There's an expression that says it's better late than never, but in this case, a life was wasted. It would be surprising if Kyle Beach was receptive to Toews' comments.

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