Alexander Romanov answered Dom Ducharme in the best possible way

Published November 3, 2021 at 3:07 PM

Alexander Romanov was sent to the stands against the Red Wings yesterday. This decision does not seem to be a punishment to the young Russian, but rather to shuffle his cards.

As Dominique Ducharme mentioned this morning, it's not a question of effort or attitude for Romanov. We can deduce that it is not to punish him, but rather to create a certain spark.

Alexander Romanov is a pure worker, let's emphasize. He is almost always one of the first players on the ice at practice and one of the last to leave. That's what Romanov did this morning, he was the first one on the ice to tell Dom Ducharme that he was ready to come back into the lineup. However, with yesterday's good collective game, it would be surprising if there were any changes on defense for the next game.

The head coach and Jake Allen mentioned that it was the best game the Habs have played this year.

Romanov, 21, absolutely needs to get some ice time to develop his hockey skills. He won't find his game consistently by being left out.
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