Jonathan Marchessault did not want to give credit to the Montreal Canadiens

Published September 21, 2021 at 1:49 PM

It's been about three months since the Montreal Canadiens defeated the mighty Vegas Golden Knights in six games in the Stanley Cup semi-finals. Some of the Golden Knights' players must inevitably be unhappy with the turn of events. That's the case with Jonathan Marchessault, who didn't want to admit that the Canadiens were simply superior to them.

Instead of giving the Habs the credit they deserve for their historic playoff run, Marchessault preferred to make excuses. According to him, the Habs were not the best team, they only had one goalie who was good in Carey Price.

It's a bit of a contradictory statement from Marchessault. On the one hand, he says his team has no excuse for not winning, but on the other hand, he mentions that his team doesn't win because they always play good goalies. In my book, that sounds like an excuse, right?

It sounds like a statement of frustration, and that's legitimate. The Golden Knights are still considered among the favorites to win the Stanley Cup, but the Nevada team is not capable of reaching the next level. They haven't been able to reach the Stanley Cup Final again since their memorable run in their first season in 2017-2018.

Still, it's quite disappointing not to be able to give the opposing team a modicum of credit, especially since the Habs did a colossal job of silencing the Golden Knights' guns. Yes, Carey Price was smokin', but let's give a lot of credit to the whole team, because after all, hockey is a team sport.

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