Jonathan Huberdeau has finally reacted to his trade and his answer speaks volumes

Published July 24, 2022 at 12:19

WPLG reporter David Dwork, who covers the Florida Panthers, was one of the first to have the opportunity to speak with Jonathan Huberdeau following his surprise trade to the Calgary Flames.

As he reports, Huberdeau wasn't expecting it, to say the least, and he's not too happy with the way it happened.

As David Dwork mentioned, Huberdeau really didn't see it coming, especially because talks were underway with the Panthers for a contract extension and he expected it to be resolved.

He was waiting for an important call from his GM, to make him an offer, but finally, when GM Bill Zito called him, it was (as you know) to tell him that he was traded to Calgary. Wow.

"As the dust quietly settles after the major trade between the Panthers and Flames, I'm told that Jonathan Huberdeau isn't particularly happy with how it all went down.

There were some initial discussions for a new contract, but Huby's camp was waiting for an offer that never came. The next call was to inform him of the trade." - Dwork

Obviously, he has to weigh his words here, but we can conclude that Huberdeau is really not happy with the way the Panthers handled this. (He certainly would have deserved better)

You have to admit that this is a pretty ordinary way to do it, considering that he was the best scorer on your team last season. (and the second best in the world)

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Jonathan Huberdeau has finally reacted to his trade and his answer speaks volumes

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