Jon Cooper gives a big excuse on why his team lost Games 1 and 2

Published June 24, 2022 at 4:27 PM

Tonight, the Colorado Avalanche will have the opportunity to finish off the Tampa Bay Lightning and get their hands on the Stanley Cup.

Nathan MacKinnon and Cale Makar's team is currently leading the final series 3-1 and game #5 will take place in Colorado.

This could make things difficult for the Lightning. Why would that be?

According to their head coach, Jon Cooper, the ice advantage is huge for the Avalanche, because of the geographical features.

In the last few minutes, in a media scrum ahead of tonight's crucial game, Cooper added a layer to that.

"Jon Cooper made an excuse for his team's two losses in the first two games of the final series in Colorado.

According to him, the elevation of the Denver area was a huge factor in those two matchups. We're going to start to believe that the Lightning's driver is making excuses for his team..." - Keven Mawn

Indeed, Cooper insisted that the home team has a competitive advantage when games are played in Colorado. (As is the case for tonight) It was special to hear such a speech, just hours before the game.

If they ever lose, they already have their excuse.

In any case, it will be really interesting to watch! In your opinion, will the Lightning win tonight and force a game #6, or will the Avalanche win the Stanley Cup?

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Jon Cooper gives a big excuse on why his team lost Games 1 and 2

Who wins games 5?

Tampa Bay10137.7 %
Colorado16762.3 %
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