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Joel Edmundson made an incredible and classy gesture towards Justin Barron

Published March 30, 2022 at 7:16 PM

Without making too much of a fuss, Joel Edmundson is coming off a very strong finish to the season and that's a great story, because he just had a really tough few months.

He had a string of back problems and bad injury news and on top of that, his father lost his battle with cancer (he passed away in the fall). It definitely couldn't have been easy for him.

Despite all of these horrific events, Edmundson managed to come back to the game, perform, lift the club and have an absolutely exemplary attitude. So much so that many believe he should be the next captain of the Montreal Canadiens.

Last night, against the Florida Panthers, he became very emotional after scoring his first goal of the season.

A highly meaningful and emotional moment for him, because, as Christian Matte of Marqueur.com reports, Edmundson promised a few months ago that he was going to come back strong, that he was going to come back to the game, and that his first goal was going to be dedicated to the memory of his father.

It's 100% certain that Edmundson wanted to save the precious puck from his first goal of the season for his father, but there's a catch. On that same famous Joel Edmundson goal, his young blue line partner, Justin Barron, picked up his first career NHL point.

After the goal, Edmundson took the puck, but not for himself. Instead, he chose to give it to Barron.

"I was happy to score for my dad. I thought about it the rest of the game, it was a great feeling. We kept the puck, but we gave it to Barry (Justin Barron), since it was his first NHL point." - Joel Edmundson

A very nice gesture, which really did not go unnoticed by CH fans on social networks.

In closing, another great show of leadership here from Edmundson:

"He invited Jordan Harris to eat sushi, along with Christian Dvorak. To get to know the young man. Edmundson said he was charmed and he knows fans can't wait to see Harris in action! #CH" - Patrick Friolet

He's taking care of the club's young defensemen anyway!

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Joel Edmundson made an incredible and classy gesture towards Justin Barron

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