Joël Bouchard had a great story to tell about Alex Burrows

Published September 9, 2021 at 11:11

Joël Bouchard was on hand for the season opening of the podcast "La Poche Bleue", hosted by Maxim Lapierre and Guillaume Latendresse. Of course, true to form, Joël Bouchard was very talkative. He shared some interesting information, including the call he received from Anaheim.

When Bob Murray made the call to Bouchard, he was listening to the Canadiens at home, because he was on hold since his contract was up. Usually, on July 1st, players who finish their deal become free, but this year, with the COVID season, the contracts were ending while it was playing. At least for the staff members who were not in the NHL, hehe. So that's why Bouchard suddenly left the Habs during the playoffs.

But the passage that I retain from this long and beautiful dialogue remains the anecdote about Alex Burrows, which shows perfectly the individual that is AB: "At one point there were players missing, we had just 11 forwards during a practice. I told Alex to jump on a trio, we were doing 3 on 2... He ended up with a goal and two assists. Then he said he didn't deserve any credit, that he had learned from the Sedins!

And remember this colorful phrase from Joël Bouchard: "When the music stops, you have to find a chair! That's exactly what Jake Evans did and what Ryan Poehling will have to do at the Montreal Canadiens' next training camp.
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