Corey Perry has been compared to a cartilaginous fish

Published September 9, 2021 at 9:10

Last offseason, the Habs lost the services of Phillip Danault, which is certainly disappointing. However, in my eyes, the biggest loss this past summer season was Corey Perry, who straight up changed the attitude of the troops from the moment he arrived in the Red, White, and Blue environment. Yes, Danault spent nearly six campaigns with a Canadiens jersey on his back, but Perry's aura is so powerful, it changes the dynamic of a group.

At 36 years old, he clearly doesn't have what it used to take, but his leadership, attitude, character and grit made him a vital part of the Montreal Canadiens. He is still a hungry shark among dolphins. As Vince Cauchon wisely pointed out, "Dolphins, don't make sharks out of them". But it's true that Perry is an endangered shark. You don't find ones like him on the corner of St. Catherine Street.

Shea Weber is another unique "prototype", another shark, and he too will not be in a Habs uniform next schedule. He has a ton of injuries to heal from all the wars he's been in during his career. So who will take over for Jaws? With this statement from Cauchon, my buddy is wondering about this again and he is worried.

To make a deep playoff run, you need a Corey Perry. A man with experience who has won, who has seen it all and who guides the troops to engage in this type of behavior. The only one who comes close to that, after much analysis, is Joel Edmundson. Edmundson is not a star, he is not flashy and he is not Perry or Weber, but he has that build, that character and that hustle. Not to mention that he knows how to win as well.

Marc Bergevin said it curtly during his last press conference, there will not be an interim captain. However, I see Joel Edmundson taking over during Shea Weber's absence. At least on the ice.
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