Jeff Petry will have to say a big thank you to the very brave Michael Pezzetta!

Published January 30, 2022 at 11:11

After Zack Kassian's hit on Samuel Montembeault on Saturday night, we expected to see a veteran defending the Quebec goalie, but to no avail...

Jeff Petry literally watched the scene before his eyes, like a real spectator. The only thing missing was a medium-sized popcorn in his hand. In short, no veteran stood up for their goalie, it's shameful.

However, Michael Pezzetta decided to take matters into his own hands. The 23-year-old took his courage in both hands and went to confront the big Kassian, as he should.

He got roughed up, no surprise, but he did what needed to be done. The veterans must have been embarrassed after seeing Pezzetta in action. You could definitely say that Pezzetta took one for the team.

However, the youngster likely earned a lot of points from his teammates.

Tyler Toffoli even admitted that Pezzetta was looking forward to the moment when he would be on the ice at the same time as Kassian. It just goes to show how much character and dedication this kid has for the team, unlike some others. There's no doubt that the higher-ups, as well as the head coach, appreciate Pezzetta's tenure.

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