Jeff Petry is going too far with his temper tantrums

Published November 7, 2021 at 8:55

The Montreal Canadiens played a great first period against the Vegas Knights on Saturday night, as they took an early 2-0 lead. But everything fell apart in the second period. The penalty kill was pathetic, allowing two goals in a game for the 5th time in 13 games...

Anger is quickly rising among the players because of the repeated poor performances. Jeff Petry is one of the group that is losing it fast lately, he who has been yelling at his teammates on the bench. It was a second temper tantrum for the veteran defenseman in 48 hours... When it goes wrong, it goes wrong!

This sequence occurred in the 3rd period, when Petry slammed the door and then lashed out at his teammates after a bad shift. There's nothing wrong with emotion in a game, but can he really afford that when his game isn't up to par?

He's right, of course, but he'll have to be careful with those outbursts. As Maxim Lapierre pointed out, you can't break up the group. If he starts doing that on a regular basis, the players will start to change their mentality and want to leave the team, which would change the whole atmosphere.

In short, there is something really wrong with this team, which, despite a very honest game, found a way to lose...
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