Jeff Petry doesn't seem to care about the Montreal Canadiens anymore

Published January 12, 2022 at 4:14 PM

Yesterday, my colleague Jeff Drouin reported that Jeff Petry's family would be staying in the United States for the rest of the season.

The reason? In Michigan, the family of the main interested party will be able to live a more normal life, according to Mrs. Petry.

Remember that Petry has just been removed from the COVID-19 protocol, he should make a return to the game tonight against the Boston Bruins.

This decision by the family confirmed some things in the eyes of J-P Bertrand, host of the podcast "La Dose".

According to him, it attests to the fact that Jeff Petry does not care about the Montreal Canadiens anymore.

"We suspected that by his actions, his behavior and his non-verbal that Jeff Petry's head isn't in Montreal anymore. I think that with this decision, we have the proof." - J-P Bertrand

The host is referring to the catastrophic start to the season of number 26. The 34-year-old veteran has only collected 2 assists in 27 games this season, which leaves the media and fans hungry for more.

In addition, his body language speaks volumes, as he really doesn't seem to be on his game. He is constantly making risky zone exits, even if they are just routine plays.

Hopefully Petry will be back to his best, following this break. However, if we go by deduction about J-P Bertrand's comments, we should not expect much from the right-handed defenseman, considering his potential mood.

What kind of Jeff Petry will we get when he returns to the game? To be continued...
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