Jake Evans on the 4-minute penalty awarded to Shea Weber

Published August 26, 2021 at 9:20

Who doesn't remember the four-minute penalty that Shea Weber received in the last Stanley Cup Final? If we put it in context, Weber received that penalty in the 4th game between the two teams, when the Tampa Bay Lightning was leading the series 3-0. The score was 2-2, with 1:05 left in the third period... when suddenly the captain was assessed a four-minute high-sticking penalty on Ondrej Palat. A four minute penalty because Palat was bleeding. Here is the sequence in question:

That said, during his appearance on Dale Weise's podcast, Habs Tonight, Jake Evans opened up about the four minutes the officials gave Shea Weber. No one could argue since the evidence spoke for itself. In short, according to Evans, during the intermission between the third period and the overtime period, no player spoke up about the penalty (there were 2:30 left on it at that point).

Evans and his teammates were on a mission to kill the penalty and not end the series in four games... They managed to do the impossible by winning the fourth game, but Dominique Ducharme's soldiers lost the fifth game in Tampa Bay.

The 25-year-old center then praised his captain who plays such an important role in the Red, White, and Blue locker room. Everyday, Weber had a positive impact on the youngsters in the group, and then, according to Evans' speech, Weber is able to make everyone better, as an individual and as a player. This will be a colossal loss in the 2021-22 campaign...
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