Jack Eichel would have given an ultimatum to the Buffalo Sabres

Published August 16, 2021 at 7:13 PM

According to a rumor, Buffalo Sabres captain Jack Eichel has given his team an ultimatum. According to this source, Eichel would not report to Sabres training camp unless the New York team agrees to have Eichel undergo surgery for the damaged disc in his neck.

The Sabres have been actively trying to trade Eichel for quite some time, but seem extremely greedy in their demands. Remember that the organization refused to let the number 9 go under the knife, because this kind of practice has never been done on a player in the NHL. However, this operation would greatly help the long-term health of the American.

The Sabres are probably afraid that Eichel's recovery time will affect negotiations with other teams. They want to get the moon in return for him, but it would be surprising if they end up getting it, as the 24-year-old should have a long recovery.

The right-handed center was the second overall pick in the 2015 NHL Draft, one spot behind Connor McDavid. He has accumulated a total of 355 points in 375 games so far in the NHL.

When will this issue be resolved? It seems to be gaining a lot of momentum...
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