It's time to thank Jonathan Drouin

Jeff Drouin
October 2, 2021  (11:29)

Jonathan Drouin has shown exceptional courage by taking a break from a sport he loves. Drouin is a HUGE hockey fan, knowing all the players and their stats, but last April, he reached a level of anxiety that he could no longer handle.

On April 21, he withdrew and came back a few months later, at the 2021-22 training camp, looking physically and mentally in great shape. He has regained a lot of color and looks ready to face the upcoming schedule.
That being said, the number 92 of the Habs won the Jean-Béliveau Trophy, given to the player who has distinguished himself the most by his actions and his involvement in the community. Because, even if Jo was not playing, he was still involved in the community, which is a credit to him.
As soon as he arrived with the Canadiens, he joined the Fondation du Centre hospitalier universitaire de l'Université de Montréal, in four letters, the CHUM. For ten years, he has committed $500,000 to the organization. There is also his annual golf tournament, which also allows him to raise money for the CHUM. This year, he raised $810,000.
We must also add to his involvement his "Jo and his champions" program, in which young children can attend a game at the Bell Centre to watch the Canadiens. So far, 1000 kids in need have been able to realize a dream, that is to say, to go to a Canadiens game.
In short, THANK YOU, Jonathan, for your involvement in the community, even if you suffer from anxiety, you show a lot of courage and you will certainly become an inspiration for young children.
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