Thank you, Michael Pezzetta!

Jeff Drouin
October 2, 2021  (9:19)

Friday night's game (CH vs. Senators) could be described as disappointing, as the Montreal Canadiens' staff was expecting inspired performances from some players, including Ryan Poehling. I didn't notice many positives in Poehling's game, as he doesn't play with that famous sense of urgency. He has such a hard time showing up...

In the press briefing, true to form, Dominique Durcharme told the real story. No question of dodging the questions!
That said, the worst thing about Poehling, even if he plays shyly, is that he could start the campaign with the Montreal Canadiens, which would be illogical. At least if he doesn't pick up the pace. Meanwhile, Rafael Harvey-Pinard, Alex Belzile and Michael Pezzetta are playing up to "get a job", but unfortunately, jobs are scarce with the Tricolore.
Pezzetta is leaving quite a calling card, as is RHP, a situation that should certainly give Dominique Ducharme and his cohorts pause. Pezzetta is the name that everyone remembers this morning as he stood out like only he can.
He came to the defense of his teammate, Jonathan Drouin, after Drouin was bullied. Pezzetta threw down the gloves in front of Parker Kelly, a player he knows by heart. "Hey, Dom, I'm here too and I'm winning in BP!"
It didn't stop there for Pezzeta. He also managed to get Auston Watson off his back... The man actually went crazy!
The player with the beautiful hair doesn't let it get to him in front of the net, he quickly responds to players who taunt him, including Artem Zub.
He's very exciting, this Pezzeta. He's knocking on the NHL's door... He's even been knocking it down since the start of this training camp. He is certainly mixing it up with the coaches with such inspired performances.
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