Interesting trade proposal between the Habs and the Rangers: an obvious target for Kent Hughes

Published March 2, 2022 at 11:30

While several players continue to increase their values ​​on the trade market, including Jeff Petry and especially Artturi Lehkonen, the name that continues to come up most often in trade rumors remains that of Ben Chiarot.

The vast majority of experts and insiders agree that a trade between Montreal and New York is definitely very possible.

The Rangers are very interested in the services of Chiarot. According to Larry Brooks in particular, the "Blue Shirts" want a left-hander to support their young defenseman K'Andre Miller.

Moreover, still according to Brooks, the Rangers would be ready to let go of the young Swedish defender Nils Lundkvist, to better balance their defensive brigade which is very young.

So, we can easily imagine that a trade of that kind is brewing:

In Montreal: Nils Lundkvist

In New York: Ben Chiarot

Lundkvist is the Rangers' 28th overall pick in 2018 and he's everything the Habs need. He has a lot of potential and talent, he is mobile, dynamic and he is young.

On the other hand, if we rely on certain observers, such as Marc-Olivier Beaudoin, Lundkvist would have better value than Chiarot.

So he suggests this:

"Ben Chiarot (salary retain of 50%) and a 3rd round pick in New York in return for Nils Lundkvist" - Beaudoin

Would you like this type of trade?

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