Interesting development regarding a possible trade involving Jeff Petry

Published July 10, 2022 at 9:52

Many pundits and fans expected Jeff Petry to be traded in the 2022 NHL draft, and it almost happened, but in the end, Petry is still a member of the Montreal Canadiens today.

Kent Hughes has always been very clear that he will trade Petry if, and only if, he finds a deal that will benefit his organization in the long run.

There is no question of the CH GM paying to "get rid" of Petry's contract, as the Sens are trying to do with Matt Murray, or as the Oilers did with Zack Kassian.

Basically, a Petry trade is likely to bring in a youngster or picks, not cost any. (and that's fine).

In the last few hours, renowned tipster Darren Dreger (TSN) had some news on the matter.

Dreger on TSN: "Is there interest in Jeff Petry? Absolutely, there is, but maybe not enough for the Montreal Canadiens to feel comfortable trading him this weekend, so it's something we'll continue to monitor closely."

- NHL Watcher

Darren Dreger adds that Petry's value is likely to skyrocket, after the free-agent market opens, once all the big names find takers. (Like John Klingberg) So that's when Petry is likely to be traded.

There were talks at the draft, so they could resume at any time.

More details to follow!

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Interesting development regarding a possible trade involving Jeff Petry

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