Important announcement from the NHL and it's major for the Montreal media

Published September 9, 2022 at 7:16 PM

In the last few minutes, we have learned that the National Hockey League has made a major announcement to its 32 teams, an important announcement for the fans, but more importantly, for the media.

As many journalists (like Renaud Lavoie) have been asking for for a long time, we are finally back to the pre-pandemic era in the NHL.

"From the PHWA (Professional Hockey Writers Association): All 32 NHL clubs were informed this week (by the NHL) that we are officially returning to "normal" pre-pandemic media access regulations. Clubs were informed via email that "locker rooms must be open after all games and after all practices, and all active players must be made available. (for the media)." - Jim Thomas

So this will officially be the return of reporters to the NHL locker room, starting with the start of the season.

All players will still have to be available, after every game and practice, to answer reporters' questions.

This is obviously a big deal for Montreal journalists, who will be able to start working "normally" again in one of the biggest hockey markets.

You'll be able to see the difference as soon as the next training camp starts, in a few days. Were you looking forward to it coming back, or not necessarily?

It will indeed be the return of this:


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Important announcement from the NHL and it's major for the Montreal media

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