Immense discomfort among Habs players and Denis Gurianov: that is exactly what several have noted

Published February 28, 2023 at 8:01

It won't have been long before Denis Gurianov will have tasted the medicine of the Montreal market, a passionate hockey market in which everything is scrutinized.

Here is a proof.

Today, to mark Gurianov's first day with his new teammates (and the welcome he received from them), the Montreal Canadiens organization published the following video via its official page:

Well, it turns out that this video was the subject of a discussion on television.

See the article and the video of the discussion in question:

In connection with the video (published by the CH) in which Gurianov gets to know his new Montreal teammates, see what it says:

Many noted, however, that there seemed to be immense discomfort between the CH players and the 25-year-old forward.

In the footage, there are very few smiles and many handshakes appear to be given more "out of obligation" than "out of desire."

- TVA Sports

That's what it says, word for word.

Hosts Tony Marinaro and Jean-Charles Lajoie even discussed it on TV, and they too believe it was an uncomfortable scene.

"I always thought in the NHL, when a guy joins your team, you go up to him and ask him how he's doing and offer to help. Now we're talking four-second handshakes with everybody. Sometimes guys don't even look at him."

- Tony Marinaro

And Jean-Charles Lajoie adds this:

"It's curious, what Suzuki is doing. He's the captain of that team..."

The purpose of our article here is really not to criticize anyone, let alone comment on the video of Gurianov's meeting with his new teammates.

The point is simply to note that it's fascinating to see the reactions that a simple video of a few seconds published by the CH can generate.

As for the rest, you be the judge.

For better or for worse, we are in an extremely intense and passionate market. We have just had another great proof of it.

We insist a second time to be very clear: the purpose of this article is not to give our opinion on the video of Gurianov's welcome by the players of the CH.

On the contrary, the goal is to emphasize how intense it is to see how much a simple and ordinary video can cause so much talk.
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Immense discomfort among Habs players and Denis Gurianov: that is exactly what several have noted

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