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If the Habs don't bring back Corey Perry, Tampa will be very interested!

Published July 27, 2021 at 11:35

Corey Perry is an essential key in the Montreal Canadiens' offense, even though he has only one campaign under his belt with them. Perry has established himself as a leader and has shown all of Quebec his skills on the ice, even though he has slowed down over the past few years. What fans remember about Perry is the GREAT leadership he provided on the bench, on the ice, in the dressing room and in the media.

Perry won everywhere, he is a natural leader, as is Shea Weber, and in addition to his words, he plays with a lot of hustle. We're talking about one of the great warriors of modern hockey, a future Hall of Famer no less. Number 94 was supposed to be the Montreal Canadiens' priority, so let's hope Bergevin and Perry's clan can put pen to paper.

We don't want to lose him and we especially don't want to lose him to the Tampa Bay Lightning, the team that beat the Montreal Canadiens during the last Stanley Cup Final. A rivalry has developed between the two teams, which leads me to doubt David Pagnotta's speculations. Perry is the real deal, so I can't see him walking in the door of the Lightning and forgetting about the 2021 season and playoffs.

Here are Pagnotta's words, precisely:

"As Tampa looks to reshape some of their roster, one player I think they will be looking for, if he's available, is Corey Perry. The Canadiens are always going to try to keep him, but if he hits the market, Tampa Bay will be one of the teams interested."

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