Angela Price delivered a very touching testimony on Instagram

Published July 27, 2021 at 10:43

Angela and Carey Price have been under a lot of stress over the past few months. Carey's wife indicated that her anxiety had reached a record level, no less, because of the playoffs, the expansion draft, and all the unknown regarding Carey's knee surgery. All of this, not to mention the stress of living in a pandemic, as Angela pointed out.

Price's wife also provided an update on his injury: the doctor said it was all for the best under the circumstances. So everything went well, the surgery was successful, but there will still be challenges through rehab.

You can read the post below :

During their stay in New York, which was not necessarily a relaxing one, the couple enjoyed a few moments without their children. They were able to relax, decompress, have their first date night since August 2019, enjoy the morning, and discuss the stressful last few months they've been going through. So they got away from the kids for a few days, but now they are back their family life before the big move back to Montreal.

We wish some happy vacations to the beautiful little Price family. And a speedy recovery to Carey Price, who seems to be doing very well since the surgery.
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