If Carey Price fails, Shea Weber could leave for Arizona!?

Published February 7, 2022 at 8:17

Let's talk a little Carey Price and Shea Weber, okay?

If ever Carey Price is unable to return to play due to his knee injury, the Canadiens would end up with two heavy contracts on the long-term casualty list.

If the Price and Weber deals end up together on the LTIR, the Habs would become handcuffed and be forced to move at least one of them. As Mathias Brunet pointed out, it gives you a loose contract that ends up on the long-term wounded list, but two big ones, it becomes stifling.

«The collective agreement is extremely complex, even for managers, but to summarise grossly for the sake of understanding, NHL teams can benefit from relief when they have long-term injuries, as is currently the case with Shea Weber, but up to a certain limit.

If Price's knee were to give up for a third time in three attempts at rehabilitation, next year the Canadian would end up with Price's ($10.5M) and Weber's ($6.8M) salaries on the long-term injury list and exceed the possible limit for them.» - Brunet

That said, the Arizona Coyotes have once again announced that they will be ready to take large contracts, in order to exceed the floor. Just last year, they acquired Shayne Gostisbehere, Andrew Ladd, Anton Stralman, Loui Eriksson, Jay Beagle and Antoine Roussel.

After this season, the contracts of Phil Kessel ($6.8M), Eriksson ($6M), Stralman ($5.5M) and Roussel ($3M) are all coming to an end, so the Coyotes are once again going strong.

So if Price is also on the long-term casualty list, could Kent Hughes move Weber's contract to Arizona, including a second-round pick? Because, remember, sending a HEAVY contract somewhere have a cost.

We're just talking here...
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