Jonathan Marchessault revealed the true face of his new teammate Jack Eichel

Published February 6, 2022 at 5:20 PM

Quebec's Jonathan Marchessault made an interesting statement about his new teammate Jack Eichel during the All-Star weekend.

Remember, Eichel did not build a very rewarding reputation during his time in Buffalo. Several journalists have even pointed the finger at the American's negative attitude and leadership.

However, Marchessault revealed a rather interesting side of the newcomer. According to him, Eichel is a good team player, he who began to mingle with his peers during the last trip of the team.

"He came with us on the last trip. We got to know him. He's a good team guy. We're lucky to have him. It adds to the group of leaders we already have."

It's rather surprising, considering everything we've heard about it over the years...

One thing is certain, Marchessault is extremely excited about Eichel's arrival in the desert. He sincerely believes that it will be a major addition to the Nevada formation. His expectations for his team are even higher than usual.

"He is one of the top 10 NHL players. We watch him go to practice and we think he'll be able to change a game on his own. It's going to be good for us considering that every spring we hit a round where we become unable to score goals. With him, we have all the ingredients for success. We no longer have an excuse. This year, it's all the way.»

The Vegas Golden Knights are still waiting for Eichel to arrive in the lineup. He had neck surgery last November. There is no doubt that he will be an important asset to the Golden Knights' success. With the strong leadership in the locker room in Vegas, there is no doubt in my mind that Eichel will evolve positively in this environment.

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