Hughes makes a major revelation about a Bergeron contract negotiation and it proves his leadership

Published November 19, 2022 at 10:13

We appreciate so much the openness and transparency of Kent Hughes, but also all the fresh air through the organization and availability that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton offer.

Let's just say that they are a huge contrast to the previous management, which was becoming more and more closed to the outside world.

Without a doubt, the arrival of a pioneer like Chantal Machabée has greatly contributed to this new era in the Habs.

While appearing on Chris Nilan's Raw Knuckles podcast, Hughes revealed details about the discussions he had with Patrice Bergeron during his contract renegotiation in 2014, when he was his agent in Boston.

Patrice: So how much do you think I'm worth?

Kent: ... You're worth 9.5 million.

Patrice: But how did I become a 9.5 player?

Kent: In my opinion, you are better than Getzlaf who signed for 8.25 million and there is a team not far from here that is desperately looking for a first line center, your #1 rival team (talking about the Habs).

Patrice : Yeah... But if I make that much money, we'll never win and I want to win, I want 6.5 million.

Hughes went on to explain that he did tell Bergeron that even if he sacrificed himself like that for his team, there was no guarantee that other players would do the same.

Bergeron countered with a true captain's and leader's response, "All I can do is set an example, it will be up to others to decide if they want to do the same."


Also, love him or hate him, Bergeron's teammate, Brad Marchand, is an equally good leader for his team. Hughes added that since that day, the Bruins' little pest refuses to make more money than Bergy.

These are big decisions that explain why this team has been so successful for the past 15 years. The group is led by great leaders who set an example on the ice, off the ice and even in their contract negotiations.

This is how you build a winning culture and the good news for the Habs is that with Nick Suzuki already signed to a very long term contract, he will become the barometer for future contract negotiations in the future, just as #37 was in Boston.

When the captain and best player of the team earns a specific amount of money, it becomes much more awkward and difficult for a player's agent to ask for more for his client, it becomes an excellent negotiation lever for Hughes, in order to keep a balance in his payroll.

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Hughes makes a major revelation about a Bergeron contract negotiation and it proves his leadership

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