Hughes and Gorton reportedly trying to acquire one of the possible big names in the 2022 draft

Published September 11, 2022 at 5:16 PM

With the 2022 National Hockey League draft only a few weeks old, some names are already starting to stand out as possible top picks.

One of the first names that comes to mind when we talk about possible big moves in the 2022 draft, or at least when we talk about players who would go higher (in the first round) if the draft were held today, is Noah Ostlund.

Ostlund, 18, was drafted 16th overall, by the Buffalo Sabres, and since draft day, he has been consistently praised and touted by top industry experts.

The Swede has dominated the tournaments he has entered since the draft at the Bell Centre, and he seems to have a special talent.

He could really become a possible big name in this 2022 draft.

Ostlund in particular had the hockey world buzzing on Thursday, as he made a Michigan in the Allsvenskan, his league in Sweden. It even looked very easy!

This includes Mathias Brunet, who has been a big fan of the young Ostlund for quite some time, and the excellent journalist from La Presse has done an interesting piece on the subject.

"Remember this name: Noah Östlund. The Habs liked him, but not enough to draft him despite commendable efforts to get an extra pick. We'll miss him... (the Habs)." - Mathias Brunet

It's interesting to learn that the Habs liked him, and it's interesting to learn that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton made commendable efforts to get an extra pick, to possibly acquire Ostlund.

It's far too early to tell if this one will become a home run, but we'll definitely remember this name.

He seems to be on his way to becoming one of the big names this year.

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Hughes and Gorton reportedly trying to acquire one of the possible big names in the 2022 draft

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