Here's why you should be patient with the young Alexander Romanov!

Published November 25, 2021 at 7:28 PM

Since being left out by his coach, Alexander Romanov has been playing some very good hockey. He has solidified the defensive aspect of his game considerably. In short, he doesn't look like a headless chicken on the ice anymore.

21 being his age and 74 being the amount of experience he has in the NHL, it's no secret that patience will be required in his case. The Habs 2018 second-round pick could prove to be a defensive stalwart in the medium term.

According to former NHL scout Grant McCagg, Romanov will become quite a defenseman.

While I agree with McCagg, I'd love to see number 27 make the second wave of the power play. After all, it wouldn't cost anything to try him in these situations. He distributes the puck well, has good vision and has a heavy shot.

Patience, yes, but maybe we should experiment with things!
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