Jeff Petry will have to put his money where his mouth is

Published November 25, 2021 at 5:10 PM

Jeff Petry is probably THE biggest disappointment of the 2021-2022 Montreal Canadiens season. It was expected that with Shea Weber gone, Petry would take the heat to become the Habs' undisputed number one defenseman.

However, there are several things wrong with him. The 33-year-old has just two assists in 21 games this year, which is totally unacceptable. He's even been kicked off the power play because he's doing far more harm than good.

He knows that. He even targeted what doesn't seem to be working for him.

"Sometimes when I get the puck, I hold it for half a second too long. And I have to avoid forcing plays that cause turnovers."

"Plus, I don't move my feet enough, when my skating stroke is probably my best asset. I have to use it. To get the puck back and to get out of trouble."

He knows his hockey hasn't inspired anything positive so far. He knows he needs to find some confidence in his game.

"My game isn't even close to where it should be," he said bluntly.

"I'm still trying to get my confidence back and the level that has made me successful over the last few years."

A major component of Petry's underachievement is likely the absence of his regular partner Joel Edmundson. However, head coach Dominique Ducharme doesn't see that as a real excuse.

"They played 90% of the time together last year. They developed a good chemistry. However, changes, injuries are part of hockey."

Petry didn't deny his instructor's comments.

"That shouldn't be a reason to explain my outfit. Of course the absence of Webs adds defensive responsibilities for me. Same thing with Eddy's, but I can't put the blame on that."

The speech is repeated on Jeff Petry's side. Maybe it's time to take concrete action, instead of just talking about it?

Maybe he's tired, who knows? He is human after all.

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