Here is the reason why Shea Weber came to Montreal

Published December 1, 2021 at 1:13 PM

Earlier this week, on Monday night to be exact, Shea Weber was spotted having fun with his teammates playing soccer. A lot of questions started to come up, of course. Why was he in town? To meet with Geoff Molson for the new plan? To bring a dose of leadership to his buddies?

In his most recent "32 Thoughts", Elliotte Friedman clarified the exact reason for Weber's visit to Montreal. The captain of the Montreal Canadiens, because yes, he is still the captain, came to meet with the doctors to follow the process required by the NHL (the Kucherov story has marked the memory of the "big-boss").

The NHL is monitoring the issue as Weber is on the long-term injured list, which may look like a disguised (unannounced) retirement. But, don't forget that if Weber was fit to play, he would be in uniform for sure. We saw what a warrior he was in the last few playoffs, playing with a destroyed body.

We don't know the results of these medical tests, but we can suspect that he didn't get a passing grade... he should never play hockey again according to many people.

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