Here are two Montreal Canadiens players who could have been on the cover of NHL 22

Published August 19, 2021 at 7:46 PM

Today, the NHL 22 hockey game announced the player that would be on the cover of the new edition. Surprisingly, Maple Leafs forward Auston Matthews will be featured for the second time in three years.

Many were disappointed to hear this news following the trailer that suggested a Rangers player was going to be the chosen one. Matthews is not a bad choice, but he was featured on the cover of NHL 20, so a little originality would have been in order.

So, an internet user decided to create two interesting images for the cover of the game.

It's forward Cole Caufield and goalie Carey Price who are featured. In Price's case, his playoff run would certainly have earned him this honor, as he has never been on the cover since the beginning of his career.

For Caufield, the 20-year-old had an incredible finish to the season as he was a key player for the Canadiens in the playoffs. He will certainly have more opportunities to be picked by EA Sports in the future.

Besides these two Tricolore players, Sidney Crosby has yet to see his face on an edition of this hockey game. It will be interesting to see if any of these are chosen in the next few years.
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