Marc-André Fleury's name already caused a controversy for the Blackhawks

Published August 19, 2021 at 5:14 PM

It's been 23 days since Marc-André Fleury is a member of the Chicago Blackhawks organization. The goalie was traded from the Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for forward Mikael Hakkarainen. He was hesitant to play next season, but he finally decided to report to the Blackhawks for the upcoming season.

Remember that the Golden Knights and Marc-André Fleury have lived in controversy many times since last year. The Nevada organization decided to kick Fleury out of the net at the expense of Robin Lehner on several occasions, which threw a cold shower on the relationship between the two parties.

Obviously, Marc-André Fleury is not a lucky individual. The Chicago Blackhawks wanted to welcome their newcomers today, through their social media. This welcome was probably harmless at first glance, however, the organization of Illinois screwed up a bit. On the post, you can see the names of all the new Hawks players in their new uniforms. If you look at the Sorel-Tracy native jersey, you can see that the "u" and the "e" in Fleury's name have been reversed, to ultimately give "Fluery".


The publication has been removed from the Blackhawks' accounts, but some people had time to save the picture, and thus reveal it publicly. It may not be a big mistake, but it is very funny. If this is the kind of controversy that Marc-André Fleury is facing, he will be laughing out loud, unlike what he has experienced in the past.

Welcome to Chicago!

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