Habs fans sent a message as big as the sky to Dom Ducharme

Published November 27, 2021 at 4:38 PM

"Disgusting" is the word I would use to describe Jeff Petry's start to the season. The Canadiens' number one defenseman is a shadow of his former self and he's showing it on the ice.

Already not very sexy offensively, hence his two assists in 22 games, he causes absolutely ridiculous turnovers in all three zones.

Yesterday, he caused a turnover in the offensive zone to allow the Sabres to score a goal, which in the end was the winning goal.

The TVA Sports network was inspired by the start of the season of number 26 to create a poll asking the following question:

"Should Dominique Ducharme leave him out to punish him?"


Fans voted 75% in favor of dropping Jeff Petry.

The message is clear, supporters are fed up. Will it be enough to convince the head coach to let him go? Maybe the message would get through better that way.

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