Guy Lafleur's death: a special press conference is announced and details surface

Published April 22, 2022 at 12:56

This is obviously the news of the day, as we learned earlier this morning that the great Guy Lafleur has unfortunately passed away.

Since then, not surprisingly, there have been many reactions and testimonials from all over.

We can't list them all, but Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky, Martin Brodeur, the Montreal Canadiens and many family members and friends have given very moving testimonials.

Also, there is the current Premier of Quebec, François Legault, who published a long message:

"Quebec loses a giant. I want to offer my deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. All of Quebec is thinking of you. Guy Lafleur is part of our legends. He marked a whole generation of Quebecers. He made us dream. He made us win. What made him a unique player was, of course, his extraordinary talent, but also his style, his elegance. He was a spectacular player. When you watched him play, you felt like you were watching an artist. We all have in mind the image of the blond Demon who does whatever he wants on the ice, with his mane of hair in the wind. To see a Quebecer who dominated the NHL with such panache, to see one of our own shine with such success, was an immense source of pride. Guy Lafleur was not only an exceptional hockey player, he was also a man who spoke his mind. He was very accessible, very humble and generous. In fact, he honoured me by signing the Canadiens' vests that I gave to other PMs in Canada. Today, all of Quebec remembers Thurso's number 10. All of Quebec pays tribute to him. Guy Lafleur will remain forever engraved in our collective memory. He was the idol of a people." - François Legault

In addition, we have just learned that Mr.Legault will address the media at 2:00 pm today, a special conference for Guy Lafleur.

There could be a major announcement:

"Quebec sportsmen who had official funerals (national funerals)

Maurice Richard May 31, 2000

Jean Béliveau December 10, 2014

The government is evaluating the possibility of holding a state funeral for Guy Lafleur according to the family's wishes." - Sébastien Bovet (Radio-Canada)

Lafleur could therefore be entitled to a national funeral.

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