Dreger has news about Price's future in MTL and makes a proposal that would be huge

Jeff Drouin
April 22, 2022  (9:44)

Carey Price's return to the game is a huge thrill, not only for the Habs organization, but also for the team's fans.

Despite three losses in as many games, number 31 has been reassuring with two good outings, but we have to admit that only two good starts are not enough to really say if Price has found all his reflexes.
It must be said that yesterday, it was already much more difficult.
We mentioned a few weeks ago that Price's return to the game this season could have an impact on his future in Montreal, while Darren Dreger had said that Kent Hughes could have a better idea of his value in a possible transaction.
It seems that there would be some news in this file.
As reported by Raphaël Simard of Danslescoulisses.com, the TSN insider was on TSN 690 and he mentioned that it is still too early to talk about what the goalie could be worth on the trade market.
According to Dreger, it is not impossible that Price could be traded this off-season, but it is very unlikely. His salary of 10.5 million per year for four more seasons limits the number of teams that could have the luxury to acquire him.
The insider did mention that the Colorado Avalanche could be an interesting destination for Price, due to the fact that the team may be one goalie away from becoming an NHL dynasty.
Dreger also suggests that Kent Hughes may not have to hold back any of his goalie's salary, but would still have to acquire some hefty contracts to eventually send him to the American Rockies.
Not withholding salary in this type of trade would be huge!
But that's not all, because now 34 years old and with a well-founded family, this could also become a family decision. As we know, Price's wife Angela is from Washington State, and he is from British Columbia.
So it would make more sense to think that number 31 could end up on the West Coast.
But for now, #31 is still a member of the Habs and fans can finally see him in action by the end of the season.
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Dreger has news about Price's future in MTL and makes a proposal that would be huge

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