Guy Boucher explained the REAL challenge for the Canadiens in 2021-22

Published October 5, 2021 at 12:22

Guy Boucher is for me the pinnacle in the hockey world. An excessively intelligent man who brings such different points from other communicators. In fact, he is the best communicator, in my opinion, in the Quebec "hockey" portrait. He expresses himself well and his points are more often than not close to perfection.

All this hullabaloo in order to indicate that Boucher filed exactly the kind of column that makes me salivate during the first show of the season on the "On Jase" podcast. Boucher spoke on the current leadership of the Habs versus the leadership they had last year. Let's just say that his speech is succulent, no less!

"You can lose some of the top guys for a short period of time and get away with it, the problem is in the long run. You can't get away with it. I think where it's more difficult is Weber. A lot of times it's not when the guy is playing that you notice, it's when he's not there anymore."

"It's all about leadership. EVERYTHING. It's always the Corey Perry's, the Weber's, the Gallagher's, and it's those guys that in the first period, at the beginning of the game, were going to score a goal, were going to get the big check, were going to be able to change the momentum, calm the group down. That will be the challenge for the Habs. The challenge will be the impact of leadership both in the dressing room and on the ice."

Boucher even pointed out that without Corey Perry, the Habs would not have made it to the finals and probably would not have made the playoffs. Leadership, yes, it's that strong. No wonder the Leafs or Oilers can't win...

Anyway, listen to Boucher's 5 minutes about leadership, it's really captivating, trust me!

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