Guillaume Latendresse opens up about his son and his ex-wife and she reacts

Published April 3, 2022 at 8:09 PM

On Sunday evening, immediately following the broadcast of Star Académie on TVA, we will be treated to a brand new episode of La vraie nature, hosted by Jean-Philippe Dion.

Why are we telling you about it? The episode will feature a well-known face among hockey and Montreal Canadiens fans: former hockey player and host (at TVA Sports) Guillaume Latendresse.

As reported by our colleagues at, on the show, Latendresse will, among other things, confide in his son and his son's mother, his ex-wife Maïka Desnoyers.

It will be a very touching passage, and a small part has been revealed.

The part in question has made his ex-wife in question, Maïka Desnoyers, react, and she was already very moved. (as were many other people).

In a story posted on Instagram, she wrote this, among other things:

"The time Guillaume Latendresse managed to bring me to tears." - Maïka Desnoyers

See, right here, the excerpt in question:

And the description:

"It's hard to be a dad and a hockey player at the same time, when you have to follow a team around North America. Imagine when you're traded! Like many of his teammates, Guillaume Latendresse has missed many precious moments. When he thinks about it, the emotion quickly comes to him. Discover his true nature on Sunday at 9pm, right after Star Académie.

For the complete episode, rendez-vous tonight, at 9pm, on TVA. (or in replay)" - La vraie nature (Facebook)


Here are photos of Maïka Desnoyers:

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