Two known analysts give their opinion on Carey's future and the reactions are numerous

Jeff Drouin
April 3, 2022  (5:19 PM)

The Canadiens' season is one of change. The club's vision has completely changed since Geoff Molson decided to fire Marc Bergevin and hire Jeff Gorton to reshape the organization. The subsequent arrivals of Chantal Machabée, Kent Hughes and Martin St-Louis have done a 180 degree turnaround from the last regime.

On the ice, the cleanup has begun. The trade deadline was the first step, while the summer will also see its share of changes. The next big thing Gorton and Hughes will have to tackle is the Carey Price issue. In an episode of the 32 Thoughts podcast, National Hockey League tipster Elliotte Friedman commented on this thorny issue and dropped a very interesting hint about Price's potential future.
"Will we see Carey Price again? That's the only other thing I look at with them for the rest of the season. Because if Carey Price comes back and plays, then I think there's a chance he'll play somewhere else next year." - Elliotte Friedman

"I could see Carey Price coming back and playing somewhere else" - Jeff Marek.

Both Friedman and Marek left open the possibility that Carey Price could simply choose not to come back and play at all. Both men questioned how much his body has suffered over the years and even suggested that he could go the way of his Canadiens teammate Shea Weber. That being said, the fact that both men believe that a trade involving Carey Price is on the horizon is very telling of the current direction of the Montreal Canadiens.
Friedman also added that he believes the Canadiens will have to bring Price in for at least a few games this season if they intend to trade him this offseason.
"I see it being extremely difficult for him to be traded if he doesn't play a game by the end of the season. If he plays in a few games, I could see the possibility." - Elliotte Friedman
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Two known analysts give their opinion on Carey's future and the reactions are numerous

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