Golden Knights make another controversial move

Published March 28, 2022 at 11:20

It went a little under the radar this weekend, but the Vegas Golden Knights have found a magic solution to their problem.

Many fans are very skeptical, because they just placed forward Reilly Smith's name on the long-term injured list. This frees up 5 million of their payroll and Smith will be able to join their lineup for the playoffs. (if they qualify)

Remember that with the cancelled trade of Evgeny Dadonov to the Ducks, the Golden Knights were in a big mess with their payroll, following the addition of Jack Eichel. They were not going to be able to activate their captain Mark Stone, and possibly even their goalie Robin Lehner.

Now, many fans are very skeptical because Smith (who was never considered seriously injured until Saturday), has indeed just been sent to the infamous magic long-term injury list. (knee)

The NHL approved the whole thing and Vegas is out of the woods (for the most part). Let's add that the Golden Knights announced that they were sending Smith to the LTIR a few hours after the announcement that the trade involving Dadonov had been rejected.

In short, many observers and fans are asking questions, especially those of the Canadiens, because let's remember that the Bettman circuit took a long time at the beginning of the season before accepting the placement of Shea Weber's name on the injured list.

It was complicated for the CH and for Weber, even though it was obvious that he was seriously injured and that his career is over. (unlike some).

Let's also remember that the NHL GMs have shown interest in cancelling this magic solution with the LTIR, or commonly called "the Nikita Kucherov rule". Would you like to see it abolished?

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Golden Knights make another controversial move

Should the NHL abolish the "Nikita Kucherov rule"?

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No, itís fine3512.2 %
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