Marc-André Fleury confirms big news and shows again what an incredible person he is

Published March 28, 2022 at 4:02

We told you in an article a few weeks ago that the Washington Capitals were really going to acquire Marc-Andre Fleury, just before the trade deadline, but the trade never materialized because the Quebec goaltender wasn't really keen on playing for the Caps.

Why not?

He wanted to stay loyal to the Penguins and he didn't see himself playing against Pittsburgh in the playoffs in a Capitals uniform. (their biggest rivals) That's the information that was circulating.

Well yesterday, Fleury confirmed this news and this report:

"Marc-Andre Fleury confirms reports that Washington was really interested in acquiring him, but he wasn't interested in going to play for the Capitals because of the many playoff battles between Pittsburgh and the Caps, while Fleury was a member of the Penguins."

Fleury added that it just didn't seem right and that he wasn't comfortable joining the Penguins' number one foe. (tied with the Philadelphia Flyers, say).

It's amazing to see such a high level of loyalty to his former organization, even though he hasn't played for the Penguins (unfortunately for them) for quite some time. What a man this Marc-Andre Fleury is, honestly!

This story made Pittsburgh journalist Jonathan Bombulie say that Fleury's number should be retired by the Penguins.

"If there's nothing more to it, and Fleury really did block a trade with the Caps for that reason and that reason alone, #29 should be retired to the heights of the PPG (Penguins arena). That level of team loyalty doesn't exist these days in professional sports, except from Marc-Andre, obviously... WOW."

It would take more Marc-Andre Fleury in the NHL.

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Marc-André Fleury confirms big news and shows again what an incredible person he is

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