Georges Laraque has issued a warning to Mark Scheifele for the upcoming season

Published September 17, 2021 at 10:35 PM

Winnipeg Jets star center Mark Scheifele has been the talk of social media in recent hours, as his appearance in a Manitoba Public Insurance commercial was heavily criticized for the slogan it used...

"You can't keep your head down on a two-on-one," he can be heard saying in English to a motorist using his cell phone while driving. This sentence has even been translated to "Taking a hit on the head is not funny", on the company's French page.

Predictably, many people have linked this slogan to the dirty hit that Scheifele gave Jake Evans during the first game of the Winnipeg Jets-Montreal Canadiens series last June.

This stunt is the reason why the next game between these two teams is highly anticipated by the public. That matchup will take place on March 1, 2022, at the Canada Life Centre in Winnipeg, and former NHL brawler Georges Laraque has issued a huge warning to Scheifele via his Twitter account in anticipation of that game...

Laraque did not hesitate to remind the importance of the famous "code" that is in place in the National Hockey League, he who had to avenge many times actions taken against his teammates when he was playing in the league.

In his opinion, the publicity in which Scheifele took part, adds fuel to a fire that has not yet been extinguished in the hearts of Canadiens players and fans.

Even if there is no player labelled as a "goon" in the Habs lineup, some players like Josh Anderson or Ben Chiarot are certainly capable of dropping the gloves when the context allows it.

If we are to believe Georges Laraque's words, we should expect a lot of reckoning during this reunion, which is already looking tense.
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