Cédric Paquette answered a question of colossal importance concerning Jonathan Drouin

Published September 17, 2021 at 5:48 PM

Cedric Paquette was on 91.9 Sports this morning to talk about the upcoming season, among other things. Paquette will approach the next year like any other, he will have to fight for his position.

"It's an extra motivation. Every year in Tampa, it was the same thing, I had to fight for my position. I'm going to work hard to get my position at center on the fourth line. I am also very comfortable on the wing."

The host also asked Paquette if he had had the opportunity to speak with Jonathan Drouin. According to the Gaspesian, Jonathan is in VERY good shape for the upcoming campaign.

"He looks good, he was great on the ice, he is excited. I hear he's looking forward to the season. That bodes well, we're looking forward to seeing him in top shape on the ice."

Paquette also answered a very important question about Jonathan Drouin. The host talked about how being a Quebecer in a market like Montreal can be very difficult. Last year, the CH could only count on Paul Byron, Phillip Danault and Jonathan Drouin to answer reporters' questions in French, so you could say that they were often sickened by the local media.

This year, it will be different, the Canadiens now have several additional francophones in the dressing room, including David Savard, Cedric Paquette and Mathieu Perreault. They will be able to share the heavy task of being shot at by the journalists after bad performances. A situation that could greatly help Jonathan Drouin for his reintegration.

"I think it can help to have more Quebecers to answer questions. If we have a bad game, it will not always be him (Drouin) to face the music, it will help him on that side. The rest of us, we'll be happy about it."

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