Georges Laraque embarrassed the Vegas Golden Knights organization

Published July 28, 2021 at 3:09 PM

Georges Laraque has no tongue in cheek, since his retirement as a hockey player he has been working within the media and has become a popular face in the media picture. When Laraque has something to say, he doesn't go by Rome or Paris, whether it's directly on the mic or on his Twitter account.

BGL is authentic, frank, direct and there is no one who puts a filter in front of his mouth as everyone likes this individual... or almost. In short, following the transaction of Marc-Andre Fleury, while he learned about it via social networks, Laraque took the opportunity to pour some of his bile on the Vegas organization.

After a post where the Knights' Twitter account representative thanked Flower for his valuable services with the team, Laraque quickly retorted:

"You're thanking the guy who put your franchise on the map by having him discover his own transaction on Twitter? This is not a classy organization!!!"

It hits as hard as his fists used to hit his opponents while fighting, doesn't it?
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