Geoff Molson reveals his action plan regarding Logan Mailloux

Published July 28, 2021 at 1:30 PM

During the midst of the rush to open the free agent market, Geoff Molson wrote a letter to fans regarding Logan Mailloux's situation. The timing was quite the perfect one, as the letter in question could easily fall between two signatures.

Molson had to give an update on this selection since it has made the headlines since last Friday. The grumbling has been going on in Quebec, as Mailloux has been the most popular topic in Quebec, and even in the Habs organization, for almost a week. Many sponsors have admitted that they are uncomfortable with the selection.

"I understand that you expect more from us and that we have disappointed you. The Montreal Canadiens is much more than a hockey team. Logan's actions in no way reflect the values of our organization and I want to apologize for the serious discomfort this decision has caused,» wrote Molson in his declaration.

In short, Molson does not want to get rid of Logan Mailloux because the Montreal Canadiens' plan is to accompany him through his progression as a human being. He's not endorsing Mailloux's gesture, far from it, but despite the grumbling, Molson supported Trevor Timmins and Marc Bergevin's choice.

"It was never our intention to disrespect this young woman, her family, women in general or victims of similar circumstances by choosing Logan. Our decision was in no way intended to be an endorsement, in any way, of the culture of violence against women."

However, at the Canadiens' rookie camp and regular training camp, Mailloux will not be there as he is on the path to forgiveness, I imagine.

"We've asked Logan not to participate in either rookie camp or training camp this fall. Playing in the NHL is a privilege, not a right. As the year progresses, we will re-evaluate the situation and determine if Logan is ready to join our organization,» the GM added.

So, it's clear, the Montreal Canadiens organization will accompany the young man throughout his journey towards a second chance.
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