Gary Bettman's truly mysterious statement about the Montreal Canadiens

Published February 3, 2023 at 9:21 PM

In the last few minutes, on TVA Sports and in the context of the NHL All-Star Skills Competition, Commissioner Gary Bettman may have just confirmed a big rumor that has been circulating for a few weeks and that concerns the Montreal Canadiens.

In an interview with TVA Sports and as they report, Bettman shared one of his proudest achievements:

"What I'm most proud of is that our sport continues to grow. We have more fans than ever before and we've never been in so many geographic areas."

- Gary Bettman

The Montreal Canadiens in Paris?

Asked about his intentions regarding the possibility of playing more NHL games in Europe, check out his response:

"We are in discussions with several places right now. The goal also is to allow our European players to play at home in front of their fans."

And finally, here's the most interesting part for Habs fans.

Specifically asked about the possibility of sending the Montreal Canadiens to play a few games in Paris, check out Gary Bettman's very interesting response:

As for the possibility of the CH playing in Paris, Bettman had some... mysterious words.

"It's a great idea...", he simply expressed with a smile (which spoke volumes)

Draw your own conclusions.

A statement indeed mysterious.

Knowing Gary Bettman, who is always quick to deny everything and always hides his game, it does indeed speak volumes.

Let's put it this way: don't be surprised if the National Hockey League eventually officially announces that the Montreal Canadiens will play games in Paris, France, next season.

Stay tuned!

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Gary Bettman's truly mysterious statement about the Montreal Canadiens

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