Cole Caufield just made a special request to Nick Suzuki and it's just perfect

Published February 3, 2023 at 5:35 PM

Nick Suzuki is currently in Florida for the NHL All-Star weekend. He sent a message, in French of course, to the fans directly from the beach!

The organization also published this Thursday a humorous video showing the captain missing his good friend Cole Caufield.


We remember that the latter has recently been operated on his shoulder. The main interested party has even published on his social networks a picture of him after his intervention. Seeing him, everything seems to have gone well!

As Robert Laflamme of the NHL website reports, Suzuki chatted via Facetime to his teammate and friend right after his surgery. Here's what Caufield, who was still feeling the effects of the medication, told him:

"He contacted me via Facetime right after the surgery. He was pretty out of it, but it was nice to chat with him. He told me he was ready to play!"

"I've never been in a situation like that, and neither has he. It's lonely being away from the game. I know he's going home to Wisconsin for a while. We're going to try to keep him involved and support him psychologically, as he gets back into the team's circle." - Nick Suzuki

Caufield even had a funny request for his captain!

"He wants me to bring him an autographed stick from Ovi (Ovechkin)." - Nick Suzuki

So don't be surprised to see Suzuki chatting with Ovechkin this weekend!
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Cole Caufield just made a special request to Nick Suzuki and it's just perfect

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