Fresh news about Carey Price's health

Published August 27, 2021 at 9:30

Yesterday, during his annual golf event, Dominique Ducharme took the opportunity to deliver several updates about his team. He talked, of course, about Jonathan Drouin and the absence of his captain, but he also made it clear that Carey Price would be in his position when training camp opens next month.

"He arrived in Montreal not too long ago. I'll have more news next week, but he should be here for the start of camp, and if not at the start, very soon after!"

This is encouraging news about number 31, who underwent surgery on July 23. At that time, the prognosis for recovery was 10 to 12 weeks, which was a bit worrisome. However, everything seems to indicate that Price will take a little less time to recover, which shows that the rehabilitation seems to be going very well.

I remind you that this operation was to repair a knee, he also injured his hip during the playoffs, but this injury did not require an operation. Like his great comrade and captain, Price is very shaky, but that didn't stop him from being imperial during the playoffs. We're talking about two men of character who did everything they could to bring their team to the end.

By the way, to come back to the non-protection of Carey Price during the expansion draft, Dominique Ducharme knew the club's strategy and was never nervous to lose his number 31.

"I was never nervous. We knew it was possible we would lose Carey, but it was the organization's decision, and they (Marc Bergevin and his team) had evaluated each situation and the reasons why they thought he would stay with us."

In short, all's well that ends well!
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