An NHL team without a captain is like an ocean liner without a captain!

Published August 26, 2021 at 8:14 PM

In everyday life, I am a fan of leadership and I firmly believe that this aspect makes a difference in life and in sports. You want to look after a leader to achieve success. Notice that the leader among your friends influences his troop, his friends, to become better individuals. I'm talking about positive leadership here, of course. The reason I'm talking about this right now is because I'm worried about the Montreal Canadiens...

First of all, a team without a captain is as illogical as an ocean liner going out on the sea without anyone to steer it. With no one to make decisions while passengers are being transported on board. How will the ship dodge a storm? How will the ship avoid the obstacles in front of it? Without a captain, it's a bit more difficult, isn't it?

Yes, perhaps a young team like the Ottawa Senators needs to analyze its elements carefully before naming the man who will wear the captain's hat. I agree, even if it bothers me. As for the Canadiens, they will be playing without their captain, certainly one of the best in the league, for at least the next season. Today, Dominique Ducharme assured that a committee will be in charge of the team. He also let it be known that Weber would be close to the team.

That's perfect! It really is! But he won't be on the ice to take care of his kids. Corey Perry, another great leader, won't be there anymore either. So, from there, does the Habs need to find a new, temporary captain, for now, to make sure the machine runs smoothly? In short, like Mathias Brunet, I don't see how Weber will be able to exercise his leadership without putting on his skates!

The problem? Who can really wear that heavy letter, especially in Montreal, on their jersey? Brendan Gallagher is a leader by example, but he doesn't have the aura of a Weber. Nick Suzuki has leadership potential, but can he take on that role right away? Joel Edmundson? Jeff Petry? Josh Anderson? Yes, they are good leaders, but who stands out enough among them to take on such a vital role?

All in all, I come back to the same conclusion: the Habs need to find/appoint an interim captain to guide the group. The losses of Shea Weber and Corey Perry will hurt the team a lot!
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